CasinoFair 20,000 FUN (~60 USD) free token bonus

CasinoFair 20,000 FUN (~60 USD) free token bonus

CasinoFair – best cryptocurrency gaming! 

The relationship between Blockchain technology and gambling has been searching for its definition for a long time. And finally, in September 2018 FunFair Technologies finished the beta version and passed it off as CasinoFair, the latest sensation in the gambling industry. This is a casino that is proof and evidence of the success that Blockchain has achieved even in such a bustling industry. Built from the ground from scratch based on the values of fairness, CasinoFair is your trusted casino for proven records financially and otherwise.

Basic Information 

CasinoFair was founded in 2018 under the UK based group known as FunFair Technologies. They have a light website that’s easy-loading and straightforward. With a logo of handshaking counterparts, it’s easy to show the relationship and mutual understanding between the casino and its members. Once you search and land in the casino homepage, you’re met with a lightweight, fast-loading website. The signup process is simple, fast and easy.

Offering the best games on the Blockchain, this is the casino from the future, in the future. You can consider taking the online bonus that offers up to 20,000 FUN tokens (the official currency used on the site). As a Blockchain casino, new members can expect to trade in their ETH currency from a trusted wallet.

20,000 FUN ~ 60 USD.

CasinoFair Bonuses 

This is a relatively new casino that is still yet to introduce the bonuses and promotional offers of note. The current offer promises new members up to 20,000 worth of FUN tokens. At signup, you can choose this offer or snub it and play without the bonus. However, if you are one person who loves the good feeling and enhanced mood that comes with bonuses, you should consider taking the bonus offer. Learn more about the wagering terms and conditions to determine if it would be more beneficial for you or not.

CasinoFair Bonuses 

CasinoFair Games 

One of the best introductory casinos in the industry offering games that are specifically made for CasinoFair by FunFair technologies. You can select to enjoy the slots, poker, roulette, dice and baccarat games in these Blockchain-based items.

At rollout, there were only ten games for gamblers. Over time, the casino worked on increasing and there are now twenty-two games to pick from the lobby. These are not so much, but, considering that they are all uniquely developed for CasinoFair makes a whole lot of difference.

CasinoFair Games 

CasinoFair Payments 

There are no minimum withdrawal amounts in this casino. As soon as you win from the casino game you were playing, your funds become available for instant withdrawal. It’s all instant deposits and payouts powered by FunFair Technology. You don’t have to waste time going to and from fighting for verification and banking details. Since all financial transactions involve ETH and FUN tokens, you can deposit or withdraw ETH between the casino wallet and your crypto wallet. You stay updated and in control of your funds at all times which is something that all gamblers, members or not, will find comforting when dealing with a casino.

Gamble securely in this Blockchain Casino. For starters, you are already in control of your funds and the stress of taking care of your money is eliminated totally. Since the casino is entirely based on FunFair’s Blockchain, there are no third parties involved behind the scenes or in the gaming arena.

Seeing the Provably Fair sticker also adds surety that all casino games displayed are as they come. No tampering has been done. The casino dealers, other gamblers and third parties cannot access the games to alter results or tamper with fair play. There is encryption supporting the website and protecting your browsing experience. CasinoFair is still relatively new in the industry and expected to increase its security systems with time.

Other Details

You would be fascinated to learn that this seemingly new casino is not that new on White Paper. The idea and concept have been in the pipework for a while now. Finally rolling out as a fully functional casino, you are guaranteed that all your energies are directed towards the right platform with a proven track record. The idea behind a Blockchain technology-based casino has been developed, recreated and put through a vigorous beta testing process. Finally, after passing, that casino was introduced to members of the public as CasinoFair, one that we can all easily trust.

Support Service

Get hold of the support team via chat. The Live Chat is triggered by clicking on the wallet icon located on the bottom right corner of the casino pages. The agents are professional and ready to assist you to get answers for any pressing questions that you might have about both your personal account and the casino. Also, you can skip the entire process of waiting in a queue for a chat agent to communicate with you by reading the FAQ section. Under this section, there are enough details to learn a little about CasinoFair, your account, payment and other important details that might need clarification from the onset.


One of the major issues about your interaction with CasinoFair is the availability of a Web3 enables browser. At the moment, this casino supports Firefox, Chrome, Brave and MetaMask browsers. To get the full casino experience, be sure to get hold of them via these platforms.

Also, the only currency that’s officially recognized and used are the FUN tokens. Other than these uncompromised features, CasinoFair seems to be a good place to while uptime. Creating a gambling account is straightforward. All funds and transactions are secure since the site uses ETH and FUN tokens. There aren’t many options for bonuses and promotions. If you love freebies, then maybe you need to take a rain check and come back later when this section of the casino has improved.

Other than these minor issues, CasinoFair is worth one’s time and attention. If you can get around the few unpleasantries, considering the security and fairness on this site, you can enjoy their unique gaming titles.

CasinoFair Welcome Bonus

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