Mr Mega Casino 100 gratis spins no deposit on registration!

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Mr Mega Casino Gratis Spins Bonus 

Register at Mr Mega Casino online for free and claim 100 free spins on Starburst. This is a no deposit bonus for new players only. Then, claim up to 100 additional free spins and up to $/€/£200 in welcome bonuses.

  • Day 1st: 20 free spins in Starburst + 100% up tp $/€/£200 bonus upon your first deposit.
  • Day 2nd: 40 free spins in Fruity Friends.
  • Day 3rd: 40 free spins in Fruity Friends.
  • Day 4th: 25 free spins in Starburst, no deposit required.
  • Day 5th: 100% bonus up to $/€/£200 upon deposit.
  • Day 6th: $/€/£10 bonus, no deposit required.
  • Day 7th: 50 free spins in Fruity Friends.

Click here and claim your Mr Mega free bonus on registration. Good luck!

Why Planned Gaming Is Important

All work and no play can, definitely, make anyone dull. And that is not good for motivation in life. Since gaming on slot machines is popular among the young just as it is among the elderly, it would be a good idea to have some knowledge as to how they work, and why it is imperative that gamers conduct their play responsibly. This advice is not meant to underrate the maturity of players as far as determining the appropriate amount of time to allocate to casino games and such other recreational activities is concerned. Rather, it is an acknowledgment that there is something unique about slot machines that a player does not necessarily see or understand, and which is beyond the control of any gamer. This uniqueness is not peculiar to the machines found in conventional casinos, but it prevails even in online slot machines.

The Uniqueness of Slot Machines

Fans of slot machines would wish to declare that these machines lead in popularity as far as casino games go, but this idea may face contention from fans of scratch card games and fans of other casino games. Nevertheless, all these games have a great fan base of players who cannot imagine recreation without them. The uniqueness of slot machine play is, therefore, not based on its popularity. This is unquestionable. A state like Ontario in Canada, for example, is said to have around twenty-two thousand slot machines and it has not reached its limit because the Ontario Lottery and Gaming regulatory body allows for expansion. The uniqueness of these machines is based on the technicality its operation.

As a responsible player, you need to be alive to the fact that the prize money you get from playing casino games is not borrowed from banks or drawn from the host’s personal account. It comes from the wagers different players make in the course of gaming on the slot machines or whatever other casino games they are playing. This happens whether you are playing in your neighborhood block or enjoying your play on online slot machines from the confines of your house.

Does that mean the more activity you see on screen as you play the more money you stand to win that day? The answer is an emphatic no. For casino games, the winnings for the day are not based on the day’s level of activity. They are based on gaming activity over a long period of time. That is all the more reason why players should not try to time a certain figure for a win because they practically cannot pre-determine a win. Instead, they need to pre-determine the amount of time to spend gaming on slot machines just the same way they pre-determine the amount of time to spend playing darts, chess, or even vigorous games like tennis or squash.

Something else about playing on slot machines, and that includes online slot machines, is that the spins are incredibly fast. Even new players can find themselves making 600 spins in a single hour. Double that for avid and experienced gamers and you can see what level of activity goes on in casinos that offer slot machine games. In short, casino games are all unpredictable as far as winnings are concerned, but slot machines are designed in a way that can lead a player to spend money faster than happens in other casino games.

Many hosts of casino games, especially those who offer online slot machines, may find that an advantage, but you will not fail to find sites like that have the welfare of players at heart. Any time a player logs in to participate in the casino games offered on the site, they are able to read a clear message that essentially warns players not to engage in excessive play. The hosts want web visitors to treat the casino games as recreation, and the cash winnings as icing on the cake and not a substitute for their day job.

Mr Mega Casino – rating: 8/10.

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