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Standing at the tail end of this decade, pretty much everyone will agree that the one tool that has completely influenced and dictated our every possible destiny for the past several years is the Internet. The Internet has essentially seeped through every facet of our daily lives, and being without an internet connection for even a short amount of time is considered something of an anomaly. The one specific thing that the internet has completely changed the face of is gaming. Offline gaming, though retaining a large number of its audience, is seemingly giving way to gaming through online portals or, more specifically, online gaming.

The two industries that have reaped huge benefits as a result of this rise of online gaming are the gaming industry and the casino industry. The convenience and benefits of this trend have been staggeringly good for the latter sector. The gambling aspect of this online gaming forum has made it easy for casual gamblers, who like to play with slot machines and other casino games, to easily take part in daily gambling. More often than not, when an industry like the casino business gains prominence its terribly shady elements do get a moment under the sun. And when that happens, conning and fooling gullible players are a guarantee, and that’s exactly what is happening with the online gaming industry right now. So, in order to save your online wallets and your dignity, I will guide you through a perfect online gaming companion.

The companion of whom I have been talking about is a relatively new player in this genre and its name is SPINATRA. The beautiful layout and the extremely easy to use user interface immediately caught our attention. After researching the game carefully and extensively, we are publishing this review on the behalf of all our readers who are looking for a genuine and fun time pass. These are some of the main points we have been able to look upon and decide that they are indeed quite useful to the user.

General Info:

SPINATRA is a property of Hightown Solutions B. V., which is registered under the laws of Curacao and it’s a wholly owned subsidiary. Its license number is N. V. #365/JAZ. The website is most definitely beautifully designed and that’s an achievement in its own right as the market is filled with websites with abysmal layouts. The entire front page is quite clear and easy to understand with a very smooth navigation feature. First time visitors can get themselves registered very easily by a two-step process but, during registration, entering card details is not necessary. That is required when the user starts playing for actual profits. There are many options for various casino and slot gaming titles which we will look into in detail during the following parts of this review.

Bonuses and Promotions:

Upon registering as a member, each user gets “quick bonuses” that are available at the top-left of the page. These bonuses are available to the user once they deposit the quoted amount. However, the user cannot cash the bonuses as they are only available for in-game usage. Upon winning by using the bonuses, the user can cash his winnings and the bonuses are removed as well. The user should always go through the terms and conditions section before playing so that he can reap the full benefits of such bonuses.

Bonus Package1

1st deposit: 150% up to €333 and 22 free spins (bonus code: SPINF150)

2nd deposit: 50% up to €333 and 44 free spins (bonus code: SPINS50)

3rd deposit: 50% up to €333 and 44 free spins (bonus code: SPINT50)

Bonus Package2

1st deposit: 100% up to €200 (bonus code: SPIND100)

2nd deposit: 75% up to €300 (bonus code: SPIND75)

3rd deposit: 50 up to €400 (bonus code: SPIND50)

Bonus Package3

1st deposit: 75% up to €100 (bonus code: SBP75)

2nd deposit: 50% up to €200 (bonus code: SBP50)

3rd deposit:  25% unlimited! (bonus code: SBP25)

Particularly, one unsavoury rule that caught our attention when we were going through the terms and conditions is that if a user plays a game with a bonus or promotion that he/ she is not eligible for, then his/ her winnings are seized by the site and the user’s initial deposit is returned. Therefore, one should always go through the terms and conditions section to get a clear idea on how to manoeuvre in such an environment.

Games and Software:

SPINATRA has a rich repository of gaming titles that are bound to keep each user glued to his/ her seat for a considerable period of time. The games are quite easy to find as they are divided into categories. The games can be accessed through any smart device. The mobile interface is highly intuitive and, thus, adds to the convenience factor. Games like Tiger Claw, Beowulf, European Roulette, Multihand Blackjack, Joker Poker etc. which are supported by a strong team of iGaming providers like CHIPPY software, RedRake games, etc. With such complete software and wide availability of Gaming titles make it a true ace among online gambling forums.

Payments, Safety & Security:

The security of any website is a very important factor and SPINATRA’s security is backed by COMODO SSL certificate. There are a wide variety of payment options, and you can deposit your contributions or receive payment for your winnings via VISA, Master Card or Bank Transfer via SKRILL or NETELLER. The user can safely login to their SKRILL or NETELLER accounts through SPINATRA very securely. The process of payments is quite secure and the user may receive the money he is owed in just 2-3 days.


SPINATRA really stands out in this particular respect from other similar sites. Boasting a robust and interactive service that works round the clock 24/7, the user can reach out either by a toll free number, email or a detailed form that is available on the site.


SPINATRA is a very distraction-free and smooth running gaming website that genuinely doesn’t do any shady actions behind the scenes. The user guidelines are always available to new users so he/ she can familiarize with the rules before playing. With a large number of casino and slot titles in their library, SPINATRA sure is catching everyone’s attention on the way.

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