Tangiers Casino 60 gratis spins no deposit + 675% free bonus

Tangiers Casino 60 gratis spins no deposit + 675% free bonus

Tangiers Casino – Online & Mobile Play!

A few quick words about Tangiers Casino

Tangiers Casino started making its way to the top of the list of the best casinos you can ever find! Since starting in the business, the Casino has acquired more than one million content players worldwide that enjoy playing different kinds of games on the Tangiers Casino’s website every day!

Tangiers Casino’s main goal was set at the early beginning and it has always been bringing the authentic feeling and real experience of a casino in the very comfort of one’s own home. And they have managed to do so, no doubt! Tangiers Casino is one of few names that users that have been lucky enough to find them can trust!

Welcome Bonus

Once you have decided to sign up with the Tangiers Casino, they will give you a certain amount of free spins!  That is 60 completely free spins to wish you a warm welcome. Another eye candy is that they the Tangiers Casino will triple your first deposit with a 200% bonus!

Also, there are some nice bonuses for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th deposit that you make, and they are as follows:


Best Bitcoin Bonus

Have you ever heard something about bitcoin? Now you have a chance to use this currency for making deposits!

This new deal that Tangiers Casino offers is truly something! And they will also give you a bonus of 400% on first 3 deposits that you make!

Games Tangiers Casino Offer

Tangiers Casino is one of the most popular and biggest casinos that you can find online in the whole world, and they are not there for an accident! They offer many different types of games!

You will be able to find many different categories on their website. Starting from Slots (classic ones as well), and Live Casinos, and all the way to Video Poker and Table Games.  And Tangiers Casino wouldn’t one of the best if it wasn’t developing! So they have prepared a new game category for their users. We are certain that those users will love it. We sure did! Many have been waiting for it for long. And not only that this new category is fun to play, but it offers a chance to win some prizes!

This new category is called “Races” that you can easily access, and start playing as of today. We will be covering this later on, so stay tuned.

However, there are some of you that do not feel comfortable with sitting at home in front of your computers and playing casino games. With Tangiers Casino website that is supported by Android and iOs operating systems, you will be able to play your favorite games on your mobile phone from wherever you are!

With Tangiers Casino, everything is about diversity! They users are what is the most important to them, so Tangiers has put up many different types of games that one can play.

Not only that they offer several different categories (that we mentioned previously), but every category has the variety of different games that are all more exciting than the previous one!

Shortly speaking, Tangiers Casino offers you just over one thousand completely different games that you can choose from!  Slots, Tables, think of it, it is there, we assure you! Well, that is surely something that every player is looking for. Tangiers Casino offers you 24h/7 services, and for that you can easily play all of your favorite games, anytime you like and anywhere you are! It is a good deal, don’t you think?

When we are talking about Tangiers Casino’s staff, they are just passionate about their jobs and offering the best to their users. Putting passion into your work is something that guarantees perfection, don’t you agree?

The Grand VIP Tournament

Another amazing promotion that caught our eye is the Grand VIP Tournament.

Serious player of the Casino, gather, this is a perfect chance!

Tangiers Casino is giving tons of cash to their most gifted players, and all that even 3 times per week!

What you need to do in order to play is: deposit at least €500 on promotion days of your choice, and get a chance for winning a bag of money.

1ST PRIZE: € 10.000

2ND PRIZE: € 7.500

3RD PRIZE: €5.000

4TH PRIZE: € 2.500

5TH-10TH PRIZE: € 1.000

11TH-20TH PRIZE: € 1.000 worth of casino chips

It is extremely easy:  one point for each € 1 that you wager.  A lot of possibilities! A lot of opportunities to win!


5th Street Races competition will gift you a lot of opportunities to win serious prizes!

Some steps need to be followed to join the races, but in all, it is free!

So, here are the few steps:

  1. Log into your account on the website;
  2. Click the new Races page;
  3. Click “Join race” on the race you like the best and that you wish to play;
  4. Once you have chosen your favorite race, click on an available game, and spin the wheel!

The races are fairly simple.

There are several races daily, and every of the race has a certain time and number of spins, of course, and a minimum amount of the bet mentioned on their web page.

Worried about time zones? No need to be! The beginnings of races are given in the time zone you are in.

Winning has never been this easy! Collect points by playing a game you like.

An interesting fact about this game is that you win by losing too!

Calculation of the points you get looks like this:

  • Every win- 50 points
  • 3 wins in a row- 150 points
  • 3 losses in a row- 200 points
  • A10 times the amount of the bet placed- 1500 points (you bet 3, and you get 30, you win 1500!)

VIP Club

Tangiers Casino is offering its players a membership in the VIP Club.

You always wanted to be treated like royalty, didn’t you? Well, no need to wait for that day any longer! As a respected member of the VIP Club you will be receiving unique bonuses, getting a chance to become an important part of exclusive tournaments, and you will be getting access to some of Tangiers Casino’s once-in-a-lifetime events.

Not only that you will be getting access to special tournaments and bonuses, but you will also be a part of special events that have prizes bigger than you could ever imagine! And those prices are not only in cash, no! There is a possibility to win some interesting tech gadgets or some exciting trips all around the world.

We don’t know what would be a reason enough to join Tangiers Casino’s VIP Club if those are not the right reasons for you!

Amazing Promotions

As we already mentioned above, Tangiers Casino cares about their customers and their customers’ satisfaction! There are quite a number of promotions that Tangiers Casino offers to their users right now. Whatever your type of game is, there will be something that you will find appealing, for sure!

Banking Information

Tangiers Casino keeps to the standards and likes to keep everyone safe. Well, aren’t they the best?

They can offer many different methods of withdrawal and depositing that will give you faster, easier, and most importantly safer transactions.

In the Tangiers Casino, they value their customers’ privacy over all, and you will never have to think about your content related to the gaming being shown on any of the financial statements.

The minimum deposit that one can make is €10 no matter if you are using MasterCard or a Visa, Flexepin, Bitcoin or ecoPayz.

Tangiers Casino free spins bonus

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